Does Your Business have a Written Gun Policy?

Gun rights is a hot topic in America currently. No matter your viewpoint on the matter, it is crucial for every company to have a written gun policy for their employees. Doing so not only ensures the  safety of the employees, but also can save business owners from liability over the matter. For example, if an employee gets injured by their own gun in their personal vehicle during the course of work, even if the company had no knowledge of the gun, the company may be held responsible for a large workers compensation claim if there is no written policy clarifying the companies rules on guns in the workplace.

This policy can be included with the policy on prevention of workplace violence. The policy first must abide by the state and city laws on the matter. Certain states prohibit the presence of guns on work property completely while others require employees to have the right to store their firearms in their locked personal vehicle. The policy must consist of if guns are allowed on the property, where they are allowed to be (ie. Locked in car or on person), whether the person may legally access the gun at any point, whom must be informed of the presence of the gun, guidelines to report any disturbances or threats and what background check or training is done for those who qualify to carry a firearm. The American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) wrote “Companies that fail to address this issue are placing themselves in serious danger of civil and criminal liability”. Just as with other safety policies, it is important for the employee to acknowledge and sign the gun policy for the workplace. Doing so can keep the employees and business owners safe from harm, both physically and legally.

Not sure where to start? A PEO can help you form a Gun policy that complies with your state, along with other policies crucial to businesses today.

  • By admin
  • 11/16/2018