Automated Software Changes How Brokerage Firms do Business with PEOs

The Matchmaker software instantly links agents to 407 PEOs to find the one that matches their clients specific needs.

Tampa, FL - October 1, 2018- PEODepot, a PEO broker support company, announced today the launch of their Matchmaker software to all PEO sales consultants and brokerage firms. The release of this software provides an automated means for agents to pinpoint the correct PEO for their clients needs. The Matchmaker allows agents to instantly access 407 markets in a white-label format. The president of PEODepot, Tim Bourdeau, developed this software and has been using it exclusively within his company for the past 16 years. Bourdeau stated “Originally, The Matchmaker software was for our internal use. My vision was to bring the best PEO to the table for the businesses that we work with. That is still our vision.” Throughout the years, PEODepot has seen the satisfying and long lasting business relationships created with this software and decided to expand its use.

In the first quarter of 2018, PEODepot launched the software to an elite group of PEO brokerage firms. The Matchmaker changed how these brokerage firms were able to do business. Instead of trying to fit their clients to the specific PEOs they work with, these brokers were now able to find the PEO that fits each of their clients unique needs, creating high client satisfaction and improving their closing rates. One of the first brokerage firms to access The Matchmaker software was Employernomics. John Will Tenney, the Franchisor of Employernomics refers to the software as his “secret weapon”. When asked on his experience with The Matchmaker, Tenney stated “The Matchmaker is an incredible tool. We are especially happy with the customization tools that allow us to tailor the system to our needs.” Soon, PEODepot began receiving inquiries from other brokerage firms on how they could gain access to this software. Bourdeau made the decision to release The Matchmaker to the general public. When speaking of his decision to release the software, Bourdeau simply stated “Why not share our vision with professionals that have the same vision we have?” He saw his original vision of bringing the best PEO to businesses expanding throughout the entire industry.

This leaves the public to wonder how The Matchmaker software will affect the future of the PEO industry. Bourdeau touched on this by saying “The effect that I see for the industry is only positive. Now all professionals that are working in the PEO space can come to The Matchmaker and access the best PEO for their clients specific needs. By doing this, the PEO industry as a whole is benefited because now businesses and PEOs have access to exactly what they are looking for.” PEODepot isn’t stopping here, but desires to take feedback from the brokerage firms and PEOs they work with to make the software as accessible and customizable to their individual needs as possible. With the launch of this software, PEODepot employees are readily available to walk agents through the features of the software and answer any questions they may have. For more information on the launch of this software, PEODepot can be contacted at 727-787-9889 or The Matchmaker can be visited at


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  • 10/02/2018
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