Help Us Reach Our Goal!

From August 1st, 2018 to December 31st, 2018 PEODepot will donate $100 to Shriners Hospital for Children for every new client placed through PEODepot.

Help us reach our goal of $10,000!

The PEODepot family has seen first hand the heartache and triumph of childhood illness.  These families despite their enormous emotional and financial challenges show strength beyond compare. Our hearts have been deeply effected by three amazing children and their families.

Ben, a healthy young ball player, went to the hospital with what his parents assumed was food poisoning.  They found out that the intestinal pain he was feeling was stage 4 Burkitt’s Non Hodkin’s Lymphoma.   Ben spent that summer in the hospital.  His strength and fight was amazing.   Ben went on to live his dream of playing college baseball and has celebrated his 5 years cancer free.  

Lacy was also a young teen when she was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  I remember having the privilege of celebrating Lacy’s birthday with her.  The family was celebrating early because Lacy would be starting chemotherapy just days before her birthday.  Lacy and her family showed relentless positivity and refusal to let cancer define them.  Lacy just celebrated 1 year cancer free.

Both of these incredible young individuals were treated by the amazing staff at John Hopkin’s All Childrens Hospital.  That is why for every new Florida client we will be donating an additional $50 to John Hopkin’s All Childrens Hospital.

Summer’s mom is a nurse and her dad is a teacher.  Due to some complications when she was born doctors were afraid Summer would never be able to walk or run without pain.  Summer has had to wear numerous leg braces and have many hours of physical therapy.  This summer Summer will be undergoing surgery to hopefully relieve some of the pain she feels.  If you met Summer you would never know she was in pain.  She is always smiling.  Thanks to Shriners Hospital for Children Summers family has not had the added financial strain of the medical expenses not covered by their insurance.


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  • 08/02/2018