A PEO Can Help Prevent and Resolve Sexual Harassment Issues

In the last year, more attention than ever has been brought to the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. A poll conducted by TIME revealed that 67% of employees stated that sexual harassment was common in the workplace. Another survey of 2,235 female employees found that one in three women has experienced sexual harassment at work. Along with these instances of sexual harassment comes sexual harassment claims. In 2016, there were 12,860 charges filed with the EEOC involving sexual harassment.

How does a business owner deal with such a prominent problem in the workplace? Business owners are busy with the sales, marketing and running of their business. Sexual harassment is one of the many issues that can take a business owner’s precious time away from growing their company. A PEO can be a vital partner in your business to prevent such issues.

How can a PEO help? Professional Employer Organizations has a team of human resource experts that provide the framework needed upfront to prevent such problems from occurring. If a problem does arise, your PEO also has a team of experts that will provide legal guidance on how to handle the situation.

PEO Depot has a team of experts committed to finding the perfect PEO for your business needs.

  • By admin
  • 01/04/2018
  • PEO (Professional Employer Organization), Human Resource